Title: Rum with the Captain
Author: Lady BD (heerozechs195@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Will/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Will finds out the duties of a First Mate. Part one of the Swords and Sparrows series
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm too poor to sue.
Author's Notes: Sort of smut, kind of a love story, the NC-17 is there because there's nothing between it and an R.

"We are gathered together to witness the union… of this *Lovely* couple… in Holy Matrimony…"

Elizabeth Swann, shortly to become Mrs. William Turner, erupted in a violent episode of coughing. As Will solicitously turned to pat her back, his only real thought was "Her collar must be too tight as well." Ever since his eternally long walk down the aisle, the elaborate collar of his guided coat had constricted him to the point of choking. No matter how he had fidgeted to ease it, the cursed thing had only tightened until all the air in the room seemingly escaped him, the sweltering heat in the church like a blast furnace.

Perhaps this time it would be his turn to faint.

The thought took on a certain grim amusement as he helped Elizabeth to her feet. Her eyes were wide, darting frantically toward Will. As she stood the minister seemed to gather his thoughts and continue, causing Will to frown and straighten, trying for all the world to seem as though he were paying attention. As though he were in the right place. As though he were not making the largest mistake of his life. Elizabeth sighed, or perhaps it was a sneeze, and snapped her fan open. 'Well, one of us is going to faint,' Will thought absently and dismissed her, concentrating on simply getting through the ceremony with a ton of threaded gold on his back, and enough booty decorating his hands to make any pirate's mouth water.

He closed his eyes and for the millionth time berated himself. There he went again. Everything in pirate terms. Elizabeth was fair sick of it. Even for the son of Bootstrap Bill, there was apparently a limit. Even for a girl obsessed from the cradle with the skull and crossbones… and what on earth was she doing? Elizabeth danced about, demanding his attention. It randomly crossed his mind that it for all the world appeared as though someone had shimmied a scorpion down her back. Her eyes sparkled with barely contained fury and the minister let out a small cough of reproach.

Will was appalled. If she wanted to back out… well, the thought did bring with it a certain measure of undeniable relief. But to carry on in front of dozens of guests, the entire sum of Port Royal society, the minister himself…

… "and if there be any present who have any objection to this union, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace."


Elizabeth's whispered hiss carried throughout the church, snapping her groom out of his revere and instead focused on her in confusion.

"Actually, darling, that was my line, savvy?" The minister grinned, flashing gold, and closed the book he was holding with a snap. "And I do have one or two objections, as the case may be."

Will felt the world slowly slide out from under him. The hat and wig did a good job of covering him. Gone was the kohl under the eyes, the rings from the fingers, the beads from the hair. Respectably washed and groomed was the man before him, with only the token scar over his right eye to give away at all that this was, indeed, the infamous pirate of his memory. "Jack…"

"…Sparrow!" Norrington lunged to his feet, gripping the back of the pew in front of him.

Jack backed away from the altar, casually stripping off the hat, wig and robes, revealing underneath a sword and several pistols. "Now, now Commodore, let's look at it this way. You get the lady of your dreams, I get the perfect first mate. We all get what we want and no one needs to get hurt. Will and I just go on our merry way, and you get to brag about almost catching me again."

"First mate?" Will gasped, still gaping at Jack as though he had conjured him.

"That's right," Jack said it casually, but the grin was very real. "Looked for one all over. Couldn't find the right man. Decided he must be you. So I came back to fetch you." He pulled out one of the pistols and tossed it at him. "Remember how to use this?"

Will met Jack's eyes, knowing it was now or never. Moment of truth. He could just as easily turn him over to Norrington. That's where the odds lay. And Jack had to know it. Was he a pirate, as Elizabeth said, or no?

*You threatened Miss Swann* Oh God…

He turned and neatly grabbed Elizabeth by the waist. With the other he held the cocked pistol. His eyes never left Norrington, but he spoke to Jack. "Let's go."

Will could hear the approval in Jack's voice as he all but danced up the aisle. "Like your style. That's why I picked you. Lovely time all! Sorry couldn't toast the happy couple…" He was gone.

Slowly, Elizabeth before him, Will made his way up the aisle. "You'll hang for this," Norrington ground out. "You'll never make it off land alive."

"Don't!" Elizabeth cried, when he might have moved. "He's… he's a pirate! Can't you see that? He's gone mad! He'll kill me. Please…"

Will actually had no intention of harming her in the slightest, and was fair sure she knew that better than he, but went along with it. "I'll kill her, and the first man that moves from his seat!"

"For God's sake!" Governor Swann cried out, "don't move! Don't provoke him!"

They were at the door, with Elizabeth doing her level best to play the victim. "He's dangerous. You don't know how many more there may be. I beg you, for your lives, use every caution…" then they were gone, and Will was looking at her as though it was she, not he, who was utterly insane. Impatiently she took his hand. "Don't waste time, come on!"

"Where are you going?" he asked as they raced through town.

"The harbor."

"The harbor? But…"

"I'm coming with you."

He didn't bother with more questions, but concentrated instead on putting as much distance as possible between himself and the church, the bell of which was now ringing wildly.

In a mad dash Elizabeth and he raced for the harbor. Jack's boat was easy to spot. It was the one at the end, nearly too far out to be reached by land. In a headlong leap the former bride and groom pitched forward, landing in a graceless heap at the bottom of the boat as Jack rowed for the Pearl without concern. "God's truth, love. The amount of finery you're wearin' you'd sink us for sure," was his only comment.

"They'll come after us," Elizabeth gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"Think so?" Jack might have been asking about the price of clams.

"Yes! I mean," she sat up and gestured to the twin naval vessels berthed in the harbor, "he hates you and you're… you're…"

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, love. And she's the Black Pearl." Jack gestured to the mighty ship they were pulling alongside. "Now then. Really think we're in the same league?" He tilted his head and even without the kohl somehow managed to convey deep mystery in his gaze.

Somehow they managed to struggle aboard in their bulky wedding attire, much to the amusement of the crew, and the immediate order was given to weigh anchor. True to Jack's prediction, no ship followed them out of the harbor. Elizabeth watched land dwindle with a mixture of confusion and irritation. "You mean… they're just letting us go?"

"Course they are." Jack, as relaxed as though he owned the ocean behind the helm, grinned at her, then draped a friendly arm around Will. "What horrible act of piracy did I do this time? I kidnapped two people that desperately wanted it, and that Norrington was, in all actualities, glad to be rid of." At the girl's affronted look he simply shook his head. "You didn't want him. You embarrassed him. You like *pirates*. It's in your blood, same as him." He gave Will a knowing smile. "So I took you aboard. Make a wench outta you yet." He turned and gave her a healthy swat. "Now change. Make it quick." When she turned to glare at him over her shoulder, he simply smiled. "Oh, Elizabeth? It's "Yes Captain.""

To Will's astonishment she hesitated, then turned with a jaunty salute. "Yes Captain!"

Jack laughed out loud. "Have a way with women. They're good on a ship." Then he started singing a song about a buxom lass named Catherine, one arm still happily slung around Will.

Will's head was swimming. When he woke this morning the Black Pearl was but a dream, her captain a forbidden fantasy and the wedding a nightmare. Now he stood upon the deck of the mightiest ship in the Caribbean and Jack said… what did he say? "Jack?"


"In the church… you said…?"

"What did I say?"

"Something about… first mate?"

"Ah. That I did. That I did. Well, it's like this, you see." Jack's voice dropped a little, like a secret between just the two of them. "A mate is an important position, savvy? It's like sort of a part of your own self, really. Someone you can really, really, really, really… really… really, really trust." He looked earnestly into Will's eyes and tightened his hand around his shoulders. "And I looked. I truly did. But it just kept coming back to the one person in the world I knew was right for the job." His voice dropped lower, drawing Will closer until they almost touched. "Right for the Pearl. And that's you, William Turner. Bootstrap Bill's son. No one else. Just you. Found you. Gonna keep you. That's that."

They were so close that Will could swear he could feel Jack's heartbeat, and he wondered if it was actually as fast as his own. Jack smelled of salt and the sea, of the sun and something uniquely spiced that was all him. It would take but the slightest motion for Will to close his lips upon the most feared pirate in all the Caribbean and learn if he tasted of spice as well. He felt hypnotized, neither able to pull away nor lean forward. All he could do was wait, breathing in the heady scent.

The smile Jack gave Will seemed to understand many things. But he vocalized none of them. Instead he straightened with a happy sigh. "Go below. Get changed. Then come back here. You're going to learn all there is to know about the Pearl."

Will was dizzy. But he remembered the first, and maybe the most important lesson. "Yes, my Captain." It was worth it to see the look of delight on Jack's face, then he went below to change.


Jack was driving him crazy.

A month at sea had gone by and in that time Will had learned quite a bit about sailing, as had Elizabeth. The two had a working relationship, but no more than that, each agreeing the Pearl was their first loyalty.

There had only been one instance of looting, a few moment's excitement in an otherwise unbroken journey. When he asked the crew they admitted it was usually the case. Sailing on a ship was mostly long stretches of boredom broken by violent storms trying to sink the ship or battles trying to sink the ship or just generally Jack trying to sink the ship and then more boredom.

Except for one thing. And that was Jack himself.

It hadn't taken him long to resume his original attire. Will had to admit, he looked far better as a pirate than as a preacher. But that's where the trouble began.

There were the sidelong glances he wasn't supposed to notice. Or were there? Will wasn't quite sure. The fleeting caresses that were gone before Will could actually question them. The suggestions that Will thought might mean something, but when Will looked Jack's expression was always the very picture of guilelessness. Jack danced around him like a moth 'round a flame, fluttering but never quite touching until Will thought he might go insane.

Then there was the night he… Oh, it was innocent enough, or so it seemed. They were in Jack's cabin (mistake number one). They had been drinking rum (mistake number two). When Jack said he had a wonderful idea and Will asked what it was (mistake number three). And then Jack said "trust me" and Will, having made mistake number two, made mistake number four and trusted Jack. Which is how he ended up having musical, jingling, multicolored beads and charms woven down one side of his hair when he woke the next morning. When he saw Jack he said nothing but a pleasant greeting, but the pirate's eyes danced, seeming to caress the strands.

The crew was not quite as restrained and the teasing lasted for several days. Will took it with good humor but vowed privately never to drink rum with Jack again. That vow remained in place less than a week before Jack so reasonably reminded him that a first mate and a captain had certain things to discuss, didn't they? And they might as well do so in the comfort of the captain's cabin. Over a mug or two of rum, as it were, and where was the harm in that? Will could list plenty of things wrong with that, but before he could get the words out there was a mug in his hand and Jack was toasting the Pearl. That was, of course, the one toast no one on the ship would dare turn down. So Will drank.

And it was innocent enough. Or so it seemed. They discussed ships stores, and whether to take on more crew. Jack was contemplating a run on the treasure hold and wanted Will's opinion. They even discussed Elizabeth and how she was coming in her training. They spoke long into the night, the mug filled many times. Eventually Will relaxed as the room took on a pleasant, gentle spin.

"So, Mr. Turner, it seems to me you've become quite the pirate." Jack smiled at him as he leaned in to refill his mug once more, the golden grin flashing in the candlelight. "Wanted you to know everything about the Pearl. You're well on your way."

Will's chest swelled with pride and he smiled back at Jack. "Thank you, captain. I've tried."

Jack nodded, the charms in his hair jingling happily in time to the gesture. "I know you have, boy. I know." He took a long swallow of rum, then leaned forward in his seat, coming face to face with his mate once more. "But there's one thing that you're overlookin. An it's time to put it to rights."

At once Will frowned, leaning forward a little, so that they almost touched. The room swam easily in front of him - the only constant was Jack. So he reached out to steady himself on the first solid thing he could find, which happened to be the pirate's chest. Suddenly the thought raced into his rum addled mind, "His heartbeat *is* as fast as mine…"

He slowly looked from his hands, up Jack's chest, further up the strong column of his throat, and finally past the jaw and into the midnight dark eyes. It was impossible to breathe, impossible to think, but he had to know… "What, Jack?" he whispered. "What did I overlook?"

The smile Jack gave Will was equal parts amusement and pure desire. He didn't move, except to tilt his head, bringing their lips just a breath away from each other. When he spoke he voice dropped to a husky purr. "Me, love. You've been forgettin me. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. The Pearl is my own. She is mine, and I am hers. To know me… is to know her." And with that he closed the distance between them at last in a heartstopping kiss.

Will gasped, instinctively drawing Jack closer to him, which the pirate was only too happy to oblige. Somehow they were suddenly on the floor, limbs tangled around each other, Will's hands buried deep in Jack's mass of black hair, pulling him in to deepen the kiss. What began as a lazy exploration of touch and tongues soon grew wild, frenzied, leaving Will gasping with need like he'd never known. It was hot. Everything was hot inside the tiny cabin. Impatiently he tugged his shirt over his head, kicked his boots carelessly to one side, but that brought no relief. The heat continued to build as Jack showered kisses across his chest, his nails raking trails of silver bright pain down his back.

Blindly he reached out, needing to feel skin against skin. He took a double handful of Jack's shirt and pulled with one violent motion, delighting in the sound of the cloth giving way. If anything, Jack's eyes darkened as he was freed from the shreds of fabric, a low moan of pleasure escaping him as Will bent to kiss the broad expanse of tanned skin. Then he moved lower, an inarticulate sound of frustration rising from the back of his throat as he encountered fabric in the place of bare skin. Slowly he looked up. Jack's expression was smoky with desire. "Take these off…"

The pirate grinned. "Certainly." At once Jack kicked out of the offending garment, made only slightly more difficult by the fact he still had his boots on. But at last all were removed and Will Turner was suddenly, breathlessly aware that he was tangled on the floor with an incredibly aroused Jack Sparrow. And he hadn't an idea what to do next.

Fortunately, Jack seemed to have some plans. When Will tentatively reached for him, he simply smiled and took his hand. "Now you."

"Me?" Jack gestured to the pants Will still wore then raised his eyebrows. Oh. This was becoming more real by the moment, and Will had no idea rum could wear off so fast. But fair was fair. Without thinking too hard about it, he slid out of his clothing, heart pounding. What was he doing?

He was drinking rum with Jack. Again. Oh no…

And then there was no more time for thought. Jack's hands were on his body. His lips, they were tangled and the heat was building again. He wasn't sure what was happening, or even quite what he was doing, but Jack seemed to like it, if the sounds he was making was any indication.

After a time Will caught on to the pattern of sounds, going back to what made Jack gasp and moan, avoiding a few spots that made him shiver or flinch. He was rewarded by a brilliant smile and a deep kiss. "You're catchin on. S' nice." And then he was rolled onto his back with Jack between his legs. "Now then. Relax."

"What…?" Jack gave him another soul deep kiss then began working his way down Will's body, his hands caressing and massaging a pattern to both stimulate and soothe. When he neared his aching erection Will began to squirm a little, but those amazing hand gentled him, so it wasn't until the last moment before Will finally understood what Jack intended. He raised his head, meeting Jack's eyes just in time to see him take the whole of his erection smoothly into his mouth. Will cried out, the sensation completely overwhelming him, as the talented tongue and lips began to move around him. Seeing stars, Will's back arched, only to be pushed back down and held. He whimpered, needing more, trying to get closer. He didn't know how long it lasted, maybe for a moment, maybe forever. All he understood is that he'd never known pleasure like this. And at its height he screamed Jack's name.

When he could open his eyes he was in Jack's arms, his head pillowed on his shoulder. He never wanted to move. His mind was curiously still, deep contentment washing through his limbs. He languidly raised his head, offering Jack a sleepy kiss. Finally he asked the question foremost in his mind. "Is it always like that?"

Jack laughed softly, kissing him again. "When it's good. When it's right."

He rolled closer and suddenly became aware that Jack was still aroused. Will blinked then slowly ran his hand down between their bodies, gently caressing him. Jack let out a hiss of pleasure, causing Will deep satisfaction. And he wondered… could he do it?

Before he could think twice Will slowly moved down. Jack watched him, his expression a complex mixture of pride, encouragement, amusement and outright lust. Jack was so beautiful. He had given him the most special moment of his life. Time to see what he had learned.

Trying to quell the nervousness he felt, Will settled between Jack's legs, appreciating his size and length. Experimentally he reached out and licked him from base to tip, earning a low moan. The taste was nothing like what he would have expected. Slightly salty, slightly bitter… something he should like to know better, he decided. Steeling himself, he took Jack completely in his mouth.

"Ahhhh," Jack sighed happily. "That's it."

Will smiled around him, then concentrated on the task at hand. Though a novice at pleasuring someone in this manner, he was a quick student. And fortunately Jack was wonderful in giving direction. Every moan Will made note of, every thrust of the hips he tried to repeat. And sometimes Jack simply told him what to do. That helped.

Finally Will sucked hard and Jack thrust, both hands buried in his hair. The taste wasn't as unpleasant as expected and it was worth it to hear his name on Jack's lips cried out in the voice of passion.

Then they were tangled together again, limbs a happy sprawl, Will's head on Jack's shoulder. Will could hear the smile in Jack's voice. "See? That's why it had to be you."

"What do you mean?"

"First mate. Could be no other."

Will raised his head. "You knew this would happen?"

"Course I did."

"But… how?"

The grin widened. "Love, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow." When Will would have questioned him further Jack simply swooped down for a deep kiss, and Will decided that anything else would be foolhardy. Because he was right. He was Jack Sparrow… but more importantly, *he* was William Turner. First mate of the Black Pearl. And now he knew all the job entailed.