Title: Of Swords and Sparrows
Author: Lady BD (heerozechs195@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Will/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Will gets his first tattoo. Sequel to 'Rum with the Captain'. Part two of the Swords and Sparrows series
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm too poor to sue.

Since becoming first mate of the Black Pearl, Will Turner had become a connoisseur of beauty. He lay sprawled in Jack's cabin, the heavy scent of sex in the air. As usual, his head was pillowed on his lover.

Jack stretched out on his stomach, his head cushioned on his arms, eyes closed, humming softly under Will's gentle touch. It was one of Will's most favorite positions, something he never tired of. Leaning down he used just the tip of his tongue to trace one of the more elaborate tattoos on Jack's back, causing the pirate to squirm in pleasure. Smiling at the response, Will slowly ran his hands down Jacks arms and finally to his wrists, holding him in place, while he continued his attentions, choosing a tattoo on his shoulder this time. Jack groaned, arching under him, enjoying the game.

"Why is it," he turned and looked over his shoulder, the midnight eyes seeking him out smoky with desire, "you have no artwork to call your own?"

The question startled Will. He had always associated the exotic designs with Jack. With… pirates. "What would I get?" he finally managed, his mind swimming with the idea.

Jack smiled fondly, brushing over the tattoo on his wrist. "Something that means something. That calls to you. Each one of mine is a calling, William." He frowned. "Except one. But anyone can make a mistake." He shrugged, then smiled at him.

"Who would do it?" Jack looked wounded, and Will stared at him. "You?"

He reached up, fondling the long spine wrapped in his hair. "Done many a piece. But it has to be right. Has to be good, savvy?" He suddenly flipped over and leaned up to kiss Will. "So you sit there and think about what you're wanting. And I'll set things up." Still humming he bounced out of bed, slid into his pants and started moving around the cabin. As though Will had said yes. As though Will had any idea what was going on. Or what he wanted.

A tattoo. It was forever. A permanent mark, telling the world who and what he was. No respectable man would ever have one. And once known, it would always brand him. He didn't even have a respectable pirate name yet, and already…

A pirate name. What defined him as a pirate? All right. There was something to work with. What did he have? What was important? He looked around the room. His sword lay in the corner. That had defined him most of his life. He was the best sword in Port Royal, the best on the ship… the ship. The Black Pearl. Didn't she define him? Didn't he serve her before anything else?

"…the Pearl is my own. She is mine, and I am hers. To know me… is to know her…"

Suddenly the design flashed into his mind. Will knew what defined him. If Jack could do it… if he *would* do it, he knew what mark he wished to carry forever.

With new determination he slid from the bunk and donned his pants. Then he sat at the small desk where Jack laid out supplies. By the ease with which he worked he had, indeed, performed this ritual many times in the past. Moments later Jack joined him, his smile dancing. "I know that look. Will Turner has made a decision. A big one." He laughed softly. "Let's hear it."

Will met his eyes, then thrust forward his wrist, the same one where Jack carried his sunburst. "There. I want it there."

"All right," Jack nodded agreeably. "Bleeds a bit but can be done." He looked up expectantly.

Taking a deep breath, Will sketched out a crossed pattern. "Two swords. Coming together, like so. And in between, just here… a sparrow."

Jack stared at him. "Come again?"

"Two swords, and a sparrow. That's what I want."

The spine Jack had been holding dropped to the desk. "Excepting for one thing, love. The sparrow… that's me."

"I know who it is."

It seemed as though he would object, but he just looked at the wrist before him. Finally, more serious than Will had ever seen him, he said "You're sure?"

He never took his eyes from Jack. "Yes. I'm sure."

The golden smile was back. "Well, what are we waiting for? Nice design. Nothing else like it, for certain." He bent to the task.

Will thought it would hurt. He thought, maybe, it would be boring with Jack working over his arm like that. He didn't know what he thought. In truth, it was one of the most erotic moments of his life. Jack held him gently, but firmly, tracing the design, adding a few touches of his own. Placing his mark permanently on Will's body. Just that alone would have been incredibly intimate. But the symbols… Will's sword forever drawn, forever defending Jack. His loyalty unquestioned, for all the world to see.

First mate of the Black Pearl.

He was trembling by the time Jack finished. There were no words. Jack simply replaced the tools then led Will to the bunk. He gathered him into his arms, tangling them together, gentling him with his body and Will relaxed almost at once. He smiled, almost shy. "Am I a real pirate now?"

Jack grinned at him, then kissed him soundly. "Always have been, Will Turner. That's why I picked you."